Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Bertie's bootlicious new shop

Bertie. Ring a bell? Oh yes, the shoes.

Well, that was my reaction anyway. I haven't paid much attention to the brand for the past few years as I began to find it a bit bland (sorry!).

Anyway, last night I was invited to an event at the new Bertie store on South Molton Street and boy was I surprised! Bertie's got kinda cool.

That's the new campaign, presented in a newspaper style booklet. I like the retro vibe...though I'd like to see more of the shoes themselves. I'm always a sucker for a bit of black and white.

After I had my nails painted by a lovely girl from 'Models Own' (priorities first obvs!)...

(I'm all about the natural-ish colours right now)

...I had a nosy around the store and here are my three faves from the current collection:

Well, I love patent, I love high and I love statements. Therefore these wedge booties are perfect. The only thing I don't like about them, is that they didn't have my size. Boo!

I love an over-the-knee boot and something I've been advised that I need to invest in is flats, so these are the perfect solution in my eyes. I reckon they could be made to look really chic but also grungy too. Chameleon boots - I like it!


These are pretty cool too, don't you think? Rough with a soft edge.

Guess which ones I went for...

And a close up...

I'm actually quite surprised that I chose these as they aren't very me, but coupled with the fact that they were one of few pairs in my size and that I felt like giving my wardrobe a bit of kick up the back-side, I'm pretty happy with them. I think they'll add some much needed interest to my wardrobe!!

Thanks Bertie!

Shop for Bertie here.


  1. Yes, I have to agree, somewhat sheepishly, that despite the cheesy name, Bertie isn't actually ALL that bad. I must confess, that I too bought a pair of Berties on my recent trip to London. Does it mean anything that I haven't yet worn them, even once?

  2. Maybe that you have too many shoes? Though that is an impossibility as such a thing can't exist...
    I wore mine last night and I couldn't quite believe how comfy they are. I'm not normally one for worrying about comfort - I'm all about the aesthetics - but it felt rather good. Perhaps you should gives yours a whirl!