Sunday, 19 September 2010

London Fashion Week, Day2, Part 2

Ok, it might be the end of day 3, but here's a round-up of my second day. Better late than never, here I go...

Show No.1: Betty Jackson 

Simultaneously glam and frumpy, this collection was an interesting mix of midi skirts, maribou feathers and bare midriffs. Slightly schizophrenic really.

The inspiration was the 1940's, but the colours, fabrics and textures totally current.

In the flesh this look was gorge. The feather skirt peeking through the coat fluttered as the model sashayed down the catwalk so delicately I was completely mesmerized.

From showing barely any flesh, to showing lots of it there seemed to be a style to suit most needs.

There were no real revelations, but I guess that's Betty for you.

Show No. 2: Osman

This was dullness incarnate. Osman Yousefzada is a master of minimalism, but for SS'11 he took it one step too far. Hessian sacks were my lasting memory. You think I joke. I don't.

See what I mean? I shan't bore you with more.

Vogue's Alexandra Shulman, Grazia's Paula Reid and the mystery cowboy I see at every LFW didn't seem impressed either!

Show No. 3: John Rocha

Thank f* for John Rocha who finally managed to lift my spirits after a very drab day!

With structure came fluidity, with light came dark, with big hair came even bigger hats, with grunge came femininity, with sheer came opaque; this was collection built on contradictions. It worked!


Opaque vs. sheer

Big hair = big hat

Not that my pictures do it any justice. Here's one of my fave looks (taken by a real photographer):

But then came along something quite suspiscious:

Isn't that just a wee bit Chanel-alike????

Seems everyone this LFW is stuck for original ideas, borrowing from here, there and everywhere!

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