Friday, 17 September 2010

London Fashion Week - Day 1

London Fashion Week is here. The pitter-patter of stilettos fills the air, the outrageous meets the down-right strange and the city is at its sartorial  best.

Here's how I welcomed in LFW Spring/Summer '11:

Animal print top: Zara; Cardi: H&M (a long, long time ago); Dress: Topshop; 
Boots: Dune; Bag: Luella, Necklace: Agatha

Yes, I left the house at 7.30am wearing thigh-high boots. I didn't think this was a problem until I realised that a lot of white van drivers are also setting off on their days at that time too. Big problem actually. I felt more like I was doing the walk of shame than heading off to feast of fashion.

Anyway, I'm changing for this evening, so all those yucky men can keep their mouths closed now!

Show 1: Paul Costelloe

Really, really pretty and feminine dresses... Beautiful fabrics and textures... Structure and shape to die for. I was pleasantly surprised!! Lighting - sadly not so good for my photos...

So you see, feminine, flirty and totally wearable. I'm a huge fan of the peplum so I'm over the moon that they are coming back!

Also - messy beehives and bright pink lipstick...OH YES! OH YES! OH YES!

Show 2: Maria Grachvogel

I don't want to sound like a bitch, but I'm going to. I was left totally uninspired and unexcited by this show. It's pretty much the same as last season, except with a different colour palette. Woohoo. Not. However through the blah-ness, there were a couple of pieces I quite liked.

These canary yellow shorts could add impact to a wardrobe.

Obviously you won't be seeing me going out of the house with that much flesh exposed (well, not that bit of flesh exposed anyway), but thought this look had a mature sexiness to it.

There's a video to come - I just need to figure out how exactly I do that!

Show 3: Bora Aksu

Best bit of this show?

THE Hilary Alexander sitting on the floor!!! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Snaps to her though - she came in late and insisted she sit there so as not to make any commotion. Other editors would have stormed straight through!

This collection was a bit creepy-crawly for my liking...quite literally bugs everywhere!

Clothing-wise it wasn't really my cup of tea but I did find a few pieces that I thought were pretty strong.

So you see, cool separates. When i get the vid up you'll see what I mean about the rest.

Ok, break over - got to get back to it.



  1. One day Miss M it will you be being photographed by some uber keen up and coming - and you will hate her for putting it on her blog, but that photo is priceless! Paul Costelloe looks really fun, but I agree with you on the blah comment for the rest. Xxxx

  2. Haha - I do hope that I am faced with that problem in the future. Will mean I have made it!!! And whom may I ask is 'Lady in Waiting'? x