Sunday, 19 September 2010

London Fashion Week - Day 1, Part 2

A quick outfit change later...

[FYI Yves Saint Laurent sequin trousers, black pony skin Loubs, new military cardi-jacket and orange Ayla Maxi-clutch]

Show No. 4: Ashley Isham

After the ridiculously long wait to get seated for this show, I was really praying that it was blow-your-mind fantastic. Hmmm.

The collection consisted of a series of party dresses that, quite frankly, were pretty tasteless and totally OTT (and you know how much I like over-the-top glamour), to the point of tacky. Because I seem to be sounding like a broken record this season, I'll admit that there were a couple of looks I thought were passable, namely the feathered dresses.

A bit drag queen at Carnival though, no? Trust me, these were the better looks.

Don't get me started on the headpieces. Ideal for editorial shoots, but real life? Er, never.


Show No. 5: PPQ

The PPQ show is always highly anticipated, always draws in the celebs, is always packed. This season was no different.

There's Paloma Faith in some Mickey Mouse disco ball ears. I'm rather penchant to a bit of wacky headgear, so she gets my thumbs up.

WARNING! Broken record coming up again.

A wee-willy-winky nightie, some unflattering shiny blue fabric and a matching fez. Each to their own I guess, but I really don't understand the inspiration behind the collection at all. It was not cohesive, it didn't seem to have a story and it looked completely high-street.

Everyone was going crazy for this print. It's pretty, yes, but, in the words of Sisi G, 'it's so Topshop'. Agreed. In fact, unless you are below the age of 21 (which I am most certainly not) you wouldn't be able to get away with it, at all.
This was a very random look thrown in to the collection...thankfully! I love it. A very simple figure hugging number with a sexy hood - perfect. If only the rest of the collection had followed this simple aesthetic, there'd have been smiles all around!

The bags were fab too!

At last came partytime...

LFW Party No.1: PPQ

Much like the PPQ shows, the PPQ party is guaranteed to be jam-packed with uber-cools. The venue was a generic hotel in Waterloo (the fact that I have been to a wedding there should have set the alarm bells ringing), the bar lacked anything anyone actually wanted to drink and it was not packed in the slightest. Apparently, the fashion elite were partying in private at a penthouse upstairs. The cheek!

While I was waiting for the party to get started (sadly that never happened) I got a little make-up touch-up from the lovely girls at Benefit....

...then I hung out with some friends and left before midnight, a la Cinderella.

Celeb sightings: Jamelia, Gizzy Erskine (that cooking girl), a famous DJ I didn't recognise (or know for that matter) get the idea.

Here's hoping day 2 will be better.


  1. hello wheres your mention of the wonderful obsessive much? pr gal or rishi!! surely they made the party a little bit jazzy??!! xx

  2. Well that is indeed true - how rude of me. Shall amend immediately! x