Wednesday, 22 September 2010

London Fashion Week, Day 5

Ooooh! The last day of London Fashion Week is upon us (well, actually, as I sit here typing away in my pyjamas it's well and truly over) bringing joy and sadness all around.

Reasons to be happy:
- My feet can finally recover
- I might actually get some sleep
- No more queuing for shows that never start on time
- No need to be smiley, chatty and interested 24/7

Why it is sad:
- I'll miss getting dolled up every morning (just not a practical thing for real life)
- No more liquid lunches with the lovely Elaine
- No more beautiful shows by some of the world's most talented designers

...though having said all that, there's only 6 months until the next round!

Here's how I dressed up for Day 5:

Actually, this is not the complete look - I had to take off my uber-chunky scarf as the powers that be have given us the most glorious late September weather this Fashion Week. This is a Buddhist Punk dress, long at the back (I should probably get some form of payment for sweeping the streets of London today) and very short at the front (don't forget that it's is sheer), those fab Bertie shoes and some brighter-than-bright pink lippie.

I have a feeling I may have flashed my knick-knacks on more than one occasion today. Oops! I just made it look 'fashion' - hopefully everyone bought that.

My favourite moment has to be arriving to meet my beau at Canary Wharf for a spot of lunch (he's off to Hong Kong for a week - sad face). I do believe those banker types have never seen bare knees before - ok, bare thighs in my case. I left behind a trail of shocked faces. Seriously, they should have got down to Somerset House this week for some real education!

Anyway, coming soon will be all of the goss from Day 5: Jonathan Saunders, Ashish, Issa. Watch this space!

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