Monday, 20 September 2010

London Fashion Week, Day 3

Another dawn, another day. And when I say dawn, I mean it. I was up at the crack of it this morning. 6am to be precise, because my first show this Sunday morning was at 9am. Yes, 9am. Should be illegal. As I brushed my hair, I watched a girl, pissed as a fart, stumble through the streets on what I hope was her way home.

But finally the lack of sleep and the sore feet became worth it...

Show No. 1: Basso & Brooke

I have a real soft spot for Basso & Brooke. I always have. After today, I think I always will.

Basso & Brooke are the masters of the print and they clash them with complete assurance and dexterity. This collection contained newspaper print, florals, musical score and even more obscure patterns, all happily sitting side-by-side.

Floating silks and chiffons made this collection beautifully feminine and entirely flattering. Sticking to simple shapes and clean lines meant that the prints were left to speak for themselves. And that they did.

Well done boys - it was brill!

Show No. 2 - Richard Nicoll

This show was the highlight of my LFW so far. My photos are terrible so I am going to wait until I have something worth showing you before I share quite how fantastic it was.

FYI the venue was fab - The old Eurostar Terminal at Waterloo:

Train tracks and everything.

Ok, lets meet again tomorrow and I promise you, the Richard Nicoll show is worth coming back for...

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